sculpting update

•02/12/2011 • Leave a Comment

I’ve been working on learning ZBrush’s weird interface, and I’m getting the hang of it. I had heard horror stories about the way you get maps from ZBrush to Maya but with the GoZ plugin that seems to be quite streamlined. I can work between Zbrush, Maya and Mudbox (for texturing).

Moving forward my aim is to understand what ZBrush does to my UVs as I notice some artifacts. Refine the anatomy and overhaul the cloth drapery. Get more familiar with the brushes and alphas in ZBrush and lastly, hone in my experiments to be in line with the original style.

Cloth update

•26/09/2011 • Leave a Comment

Quite basic stress test. Lawrence Bennett a good mate gave me some tips so I’m working on refining the quality and integrating the cloth well. I expect the jacket to be a bigger challenge. I’ll post the tips he gave me and how they influenced my workflow when I get to it.

Texture update

•25/09/2011 • Leave a Comment

I unwrapped the UVs on the model and have begun texturing, this is the first time I’ve textured a character so I’m learning a lot about the pipeline between 2D and 3D space. The UVs have been good so it’s just down to me creating good maps and networks. I’ve been making use of Photoshop blending options and layers to create files that I can go back to once I get feedback.

An area that is quite alien to me is poly painting and I feel like I should be doing that soon, I’m going to look into it and see where I can benefit and improve results using those tools.

Still investigating what to do about bump maps. Now the tie is textured I’m looking at testing nCloth to make it dynamic. The jacket, hands and shoes are untextured in the below shot, aiming to finish them soon.