gamebarcode tutorial

This post is inspired by the moviebarcode blog and reminds me a little of Ji Lee’s abstractor.

Recently the interactive experience/game Dear Esther went on sale. While playing I thought this would be a good opportunity to try it out. I think the results were quite interesting. (best viewed full screen)

I took regular screen shots using AutoScreenCap using the settings below. The game has to be in windowed mode for this tool to work, I believe FRAPs is an alternative. If you’re on Mac or Linux, feel free to share alternatives in the comments. It’s worth considering the duration of the game/section you want to play when deciding how often a screenshot will be taken. Also be careful with the gamma, sometimes these tools don’t give accurate reproduction.

Then using XNView processed these all to be 3 pixels wide strips. Be careful not to overwrite the originals at this stage.

Finally I used ImageMagick to combine them all back together (be careful of the file naming if using other tools) using the following code in the directory:

montage -geometry +0+0 -tile x1 *.jpg barcode.png

Overall Dear Esther was quite conducive to barcoding because it was short, it was set in a first person view and it was a fairly passive experience in terms of interaction. This allowed me to focus on framing the view as if I were filming the experience. Longer games could work, perhaps you could try doing just a short section, a favourite level or taking screens much less regularly. It would be interesting to see the results, please share them with me here or on Twitter #gamebarcode.

Thanks to Mr. Reid for the useful guide.

~ by cprassault on 18/05/2012.

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