Model update

Haven’t posted in a while, been working on a few bits. Including my lighthouse composite which I’ll post about as soon as I have some more competent textures. I’m kind of a firm believer of not posting stuff until it’s done to a good standard, I’d appreciate any feedback you have, but I’m not expecting any.

Here’s the model I’ve been working on. Current plan is to take it to a sculpting application and add further details, and then generate normal or displacement maps for the character. Then I’ll be learning about current workflow techniques for texturing and shading. I plan to start the head soon too, as it’s my first time fully realising a character I’m going for a bolder style. Future characters will probably have a greater level of detail as I get more familiar with the tools. I’m really enjoying this so far, been listening to a bunch of new music while working now I have free time to find new records to listen to. (Arcade Fire’s Suburbs and Nobukazu Takemura’s Child’s View at the moment)

I’m hoping to collaborate with an illustrator to refine small details like cloth folds as it’s not my area of expertise. Additionally my good friend Lawrence has offered a bunch of advice on using cloth simulation for the jacket and tie which is something I’m keen to make use of. I’ve been kind of working out my own way of working for this, drawing over the work in progress mesh, it’s been quite an amorphous process and I imagine it’s taken slightly longer than if I just banged out the drawings and then modelled. However it’s gotten me to the desired result a lot easier.

~ by cprassault on 15/09/2011.

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